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Featured Carpentry Contractors in Maine

Only 2 listing slots available.
JQP Home Builders LLC   (More info »)
Astoria, NY, 11106, Phone: 917-999-9999
Home Builders, based in Astoria, NY., is a family based company, serving New York, New jersey and Connecticut - Tri-State - with 6 offices since 1998. During its 8-year history, the company has constructed more than 700 homes.

Carpenter Contractors in Maine

Only 4 listing slots available.
JQP Home Builders LLC (More info)
Astoria, NY, 11106, Phone: 917-999-9999
Home Builders, based in Astoria, NY., is a family based company, serving New York, New jersey and Connecticut - Tri-State - with 6 offices since 1998. During its 8-year history, the company has constr...

Tips & Tricks

You should call on a professional carpenter if you believe or have found that you have dry rot. This is a fungus that builds up and can destroy any building or product that is built of wood. It can even get through brick. It is very important to handle this problem quickly as it can damage skirting boards, door frames, flooring, and even structural timbers in any home. A professional can effective stop this problem and do necessary repairs to keep your home safe.

When considering circular saw wattage, you may want to get as much wattage as you can. It is important to realize that the more power you have, the more you can do. You will find motors that offer a range between 500 watts to 1500 watts. Which is the right one for you? The larger that your blade is and the deeper the cut is that you need to make, the more wattage you will want behind the saw.

When it comes to purchasing a circular saw, take into consideration these things. You will want to purchase a saw that offers full function so look for one that will offer many benefits in the long term. It should be able to cut rebates, cut through tongued and grooved floorboards, for cutting wood away, for mitres and chamfers with angles up to 45 degrees. If you have specific needs for your circular saw, take that into consideration as well.

Other Carpentry Contractors in Maine

A1 Carpentry Holden, ME, 04429 207-989-9942 More info »
  We carry Certainteed vinyl siding, Certainteed roofing, Certainteed Boardwalk composite decking. To Kitchens and Baths, Ceramic tile, To hardwood.
Your House Doctor Topsham, ME, 04086 1-207-319-3312 More info »
  25 yrs. working for other contractor. Starting my own company, Insured. Let's make your house a "Home sweet Home". Additions, remodeling, and new homes, Window and door replacement, new kitchens, b...
HMC westbrook, ME, 04092 207 899 7093 More info »
  Two guy crew who will do anything and everything. Decks, additions, roofing, siding, flooring, or from the ground up homes.
MACLEOD'S CARPENTRY CHERRYFIELD, ME, 04622 207-598-8009 More info »
  from fram to finsh we offer new construction , remoding, addtions, roofing, windows and doors, and vinyl siding.
mike carter builders Hancock, ME, 04640 (207)479-1983 More info »
  Wood or metal structures, Home remodels, new construction, roofing, siding and any painting. Small contractor serving Hancock Washington and Penobscot Counties.
Maguire Construction, Inc. Yarmouth, ME, 04096 846 5105 More info »
  A Maine, family owned company, Maguire Construction Inc. has been a leader in residential construction since 1977. We pride ourselves in our ability to work closely with clients and architects alike t...
MacLeod"s Carpentry East Machias, ME, 04630 207-598-8009 More info »
  The contractor who can make your dreams a reality Roofing Decks Grarage Siding Windows Doors framing Aditions
Mainely Home Improvement South Portland, ME, 04106 2074151923 More info »
  Painting-Interior/Exterior, Commercial/Residential, Siding, Pressure/Power Washing, Kitchen/Bath Remodels, Custoom Builds/Remodels
Looking for a Maine Carpenter?
Who is a Carpentry professional?
Carpenter is a skilled workman, who traditionally repairs, finishes and builds wooden structures and objects .

Why do you look for one?
If you need a professional to:
» Lay hardwood floors,
» Install stairs, railings, windows and doors,
» Install interior, exterior trims and siding,
» Hang cabinets, install countertops for your kitchen,
» Frame walls, cabinets and closets,
» Build Fences, Ramps and Decks,
for your home or business, then you look for a carpenter.

Where do you find one?
Findaho will help you to find the best local carpenter available in your area. Check our listings to find the best residential or commercial carpentry company close to you. Whether an independent carpenter or an industrial contractor, you should prefer licensed professionals.
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